Men's Bootcut Jeans

  • A$129.95

Men's Bootcut

Last Updated 23.11.2020

Levi’s® Men’s Bootcut Jeans make a real statement. The best men’s bootcut jeans lengthen and enhance the leg, while giving room for your favourite sneakers or boots. Options at Levi’s® Australia include men’s distressed bootcut jeans, loose fit bootcut jeans, and slim bootcut jeans.

Are men’s bootcut jeans in style?
Men’s bootcut jeans never went out of style. In fact bootcut, or bootleg jeans, have moved with the times. The choices are all yours for 100% cotton bootcut jeans, or blended denim slim bootcut Levi’s® jeans that incorporate stretch fabric without compromising hard-wearing durability. Not quite sure how to wear bootcut jeans? Pair with your favourite boots or sneakers, a tee and your favourite jacket for the ultimate look.