Levi's® Australia Women's Shorts - A Summer Wardrobe Essential

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Women’s Shorts

Last updated 02.02.2021

Levi's® denim shorts for women are essential for every wardrobe. Levi's® denim shorts are the timeless and classic aesthetic for a simple, signature look. The first denim shorts were jeans cut to fit, creating the term 'cut-offs'. Today's Levi's® options have grown to include:

  • Classic Shorts
  • Bermuda Shorts
  • Shaping Bermuda Shorts
  • Pleated Utility Shorts
  • Vintage Shortalls
Women's shorts are a Levi's® specialty, so make sure to check out women's denim on your wishlist, including new arrival denim shorts for Australia and New Zealand.

What to wear with denim shorts?
High waisted denim shorts, Bermuda shorts, light blue denim shorts, plus size denim shorts, utility shorts, shortalls and other Levi's® women's shorts are all comfortably paired with t-shirts, denim jackets, jumpers, hoodies and other loungewear. Levi's® women's denim Bermuda shorts and relaxed shorts are great work shorts, bike shorts, walking shorts and all-round women's shorts for superior comfort, movement and fun.

Are denim shorts in style?
A high quality pair of Levi's® denim shorts can last a lifetime, without ever going out of style. Levi's® women's shorts are classics and always admired. New styles include high rise denim shorts, mid-rise denim shorts, shortall cut-offs, shaping hem denim, and plus size denim Bermuda shorts.

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