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Levi's® Women's Loose Jeans

Levi's® Women's Loose Jeans

Kick back in style with Levi's® Australia's women's relaxed fit jeans. With everything from timeless mom jeans to contemporary low loose jeans and chic ribcage jeans, our collection has your style covered. It's a must-have for any Aussie woman's wardrobe.

A Blend of Comfort and Iconic Style

Unlike the sleek fit of skinny jeans or the trendy appeal of high-waisted jeans, these loose jeans focus on comfort without missing out on the renowned denim style we're known for. Whether you prefer light blue for a fresh look or dark blue for a classic feel, we've got you covered.

Comparing Levi's® Loose Jeans

Levi's® loose jeans offer a relaxed and full-length fit that's perfect for those who appreciate comfort without sacrificing style. How do they align with other jean styles? Here's a rundown:

  • Super Skinny Jeans: Trendy and chic, but lack the relaxed, spacious feel of loose jeans.
  • Skinny Jeans: Sleek in design, but not as roomy as loose jeans.
  • Slim Jeans: Offer a more fitted look, but don’t match the spacious feel of relaxed jeans.
  • Tapered Jeans: Have a tailored fit, but don't hug the body as tightly as skinny jeans, nor are they as free-flowing as loose jeans.
  • Straight Jeans: A timeless cut, but not as free-flowing as relaxed jeans.
  • Bootcut Jeans: Designed to fit over ankle boots, creating a streamlined silhouette, but lack the spacious feel.
  • Baggy Jeans: Similar in comfort with a unique style, encompassing the feel of cargo jeans, carpenter jeans, and wide-leg jeans, but not as sleek as skinny jeans.
  • High-Waisted Jeans: Give a waist-defining shape and lengthen the frame with various styles, but lack the slouchy, relaxed feel of boyfriend jeans.

Styling Your Loose Jeans

For a casual day, pair Levi's® loose jeans with tees or T-shirts, or add jumpers or hoodies if it's chilly. Heading to work? Match with workwear like a button-down shirt and blazer. Beach day? Combine with swimwear or tank tops and sandals. Need something for a relaxed evening? Opt for knitwear or cardigans with ankle boots. From playsuits to jumpsuits, tights to activewear, Levi's® loose jeans seamlessly fit any style.

Explore Levi's® new arrivals and bestsellers and add your favorites to your wishlist today. Whether it's the latest trends or timeless classics, we've got you covered. Head to checkout and enjoy free delivery on your next wardrobe addition.

Exploring the Range

Our women's relaxed fit jeans come in a variety of waist sizes ranging from 68cm to 99cm and are available in selected styles crafted from 100% cotton. For those needing a more generous fit, our women's plus-size loose jeans extend from 101cm to 123cm. No matter your shape or size, our Australian Levi's® collection of women's loose jeans is designed to ensure the perfect fit for everyone.

Discover the comfort and style of Levi's® Women's Loose Jeans online or in-store today. Explore high-rise and low-rise options to find your perfect fit. Need assistance? Our FAQ is here to help. Gift shopping? A Levi's® gift card pairs wonderfully with our denim jeans. Elevate your wardrobe with the iconic design of Levi's® Women's Loose Jeans now!